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Independent Artisans
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"We believe that it is very important to reserve substantial manufacturing steps for human hands and entrepreneurship whenever possible."... the makers at independentartisans.org

Self driving cars, robotics, automation and artificial intelligence may be significant innovations for mankind but what about the people who like to work with their hands? Will there still be work available for arts & crafts minded people? And what about the kinesthetic and tactile learners?

Our goal at IndependentArtisans.org is to convince manufacturers to make an effort whenever possible, to reserve work for those who are great at working with their hands.  The caveat is that the artisans must keep up with production schedules, while providing quality workmanship.

This is a new and young movement but we already have interest from at least one manufacturer who is willing to give it a try.  The key is to find ways to position as many artisans as possible to be ready to take on the work once orders start coming in.  In any case, it shall be an entrepreneurial relationship.

We will do this through a series of 6-week programs aimed at honing the skills of arts & crafts minded people while matching those skills with the needs of willing manufacturers.  To be clear, we make no promises that any artisan will find work via our program, but we do promise that we will do our best to partner up with manufacturers who are willing to reserve work for people who like to work with their hands and who can keep up with production schedules while exhibiting high levels of workmanship.



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